PrimeRx Web App

The PrimeRx web app is a database used to manage your co-curricular activities or generate a PrimeRx Report:

October 1, 2020- Thomas Waters has retired and is transitioning to a part-time temp position. To request his assistance, email and a help ticket will be created. He will contact you during his new work hours.

Instructions PDF

This is a first draft of an instruction booklet. If you download it and have suggestions for improvements, please email them to Thomas Waters

The Co-curricular Catalog

The catalog contains a list of pre-approved activities for the PrimeRx Co-curriculum, and can be searched inside the PrimeRx web app. Pre-approved activities get added to you list of activities automatically when you add them to the web app and add the needed evidence to your portfolio.

Students are encouraged to consider the following or similar activities through the PrimeRx web app for approval by the Co-Curriculum Committee.

  • Special Topics or ARCO projects
  • Professional lecture series hosted by PLS, Rho Chi, SIO, SSHP, and other organizations
  • Hosting an affiliate meeting for various organizations
  • Activities and projects completed during summer internships that fit the co-curricular focus areas/skills
  • Patient care projects completed through various organizations that relate to the co-curricular focus areas/skills

General Instructions

Login to the PrimeRx web app

Login to the PrimeRx web app is by your Pitt username and password. To create a report, simply choose the semester. The report will show counts for all co-curricular activities you have added to your dashboard, or you have authenticated via a QR code.

Note: your Pitt username, is the part BEFORE It is generally three letters and a number (Example zqz49)

QR Codes & Links

The PrimeRx web app uses QR codes or links to authenticate PrimeRx sponsored event participation and for some didactic activities. All modern smart phones can read a QR code. Do not use the SnapChap QR reader however. The SnapChar reader uses Firefox and that is an unsupported browser.

The QR code or Link must be followed within 1 hour of the activity or the link will not work. If you try and follow the link and have a problem, quit the browser, and wait 5 minutes and try again.

If for any reason you can not make the link or code work for you, you can submit the activity as a student-submitted activity and it will be approved, but will require evidence to be added to the portfolio like all student submitted or catalog activities.

Supported Browsers

All student activity with the PrimeRx database is via a web interface. You must use a web browser to access the web app. The web app is supported for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11* or newer
  • Microsoft Edge 38 or newer
  • Safari 10 or newer
  • Chrome 55 or newer

Firefox is not supported at this time.

* If you have IE11 and you are still told the browser is too old, it is because the browser is set to use “compatibility mode.” Here are some instructions for disabling compatibility mode, and you will find other instructions with a simple web search, if these instructions are not clear enough.