Each year the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy awards scholarships to enrolled PharmD students. The application period will be in the Spring, and any scholarship you receive will be split between the coming Fall and Spring semesters. The application is available in March and the recipients are notified in April.  Although there is not an opportunity to apply for a specific scholarship, we encourage students to read over the scholarships that are available and mention your interest in the justification section of the application.

Application deadline has past. The next application period will be March 2019



This PDF lists all of the data you need to collect to fill in a complete application. Download it and collect the info before starting the actual application. 

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* If you have IE11 and you are still told the browser is too old, it is because the browser is set to use “compatibility mode.” Here are some instructions for disabling compatibility mode, and you will find other instructions with a simple web search, if these instructions are not clear enough.

List of Scholarships

This is a list of all scholarships given out by the School of Pharmacy.