PITT Form/Qualtrics Data Entry

PITT Form Reporting

March 1, 2021: An issue has been raised about the Rx2023 reports, not counting all of the various items correctly. The source of the problem has been identified as an issue with the way the Qualtrics survey was created. Your total count of Pittforms will be correct, but items like the primary and secondary reasons for interaction will be off. We are working on a solution for this as quickly possible. This also affects the rx2024 Pitt Forms reporting. Rx2021 and Rx2022 reporting are not affected by this issue.

Students are able to create reports of their Pitt Form data at any time through the reporting database. The reporting database is separate from the Qualtrics Pitt Form survey tool itself, updated automatically by importing the data from the Qualtrics survey.

This importing happens automatically, every 15 minutes.

If your report is showing all zeroes, make sure you have entered valid start and end dates. Without these dates, the report will not work properly.

picture showing the start and end dates are required input fields

Login to the PITT Form Reporting tool is by your Pitt username and password. To create a report, simply choose a start and end date. The report will show counts for all Pittforms with encounter dates within that date range.

Note: your Pitt username, is the part BEFORE @pitt.edu. It is generally three letters and a number (Example zqz49)

The web app is supported for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11*
  • Microsoft Edge 38
  • Safari 10 or above
  • Chrome 55 or above

Firefox is not supported at this time.

* If you have IE11 and you are still told the browser is too old, it is because the browser is set to use “compatibility mode.” Here are some instructions for disabling compatibility mode, and you will find other instructions with a simple web search, if these instructions are not clear enough.


The data gathered via the PittForm has been used as part of the following scholarship:

  • Hall DL, Schonder KS, Pater KS, et al. Using the Pharmacist Interaction Tracking Tool for Capturing Student-Patient Interactions in Direct and Simulated Patient Care Activities. Am J Pharm Educ. 2016;80(6):105.