The purpose of this page is to provide easy access to the updated University’s colors, fonts and logos for faculty and staff. Materials will be added as the Communications Group approves all templates.

PittPharmacy Commitment to the Pitt Brand

The school is committed to aligning ourselves within the Pitt brand. The branding changes from the University provide us an opportunity to streamline our processes of adhering to the brand. ALL publicity, all printed items, and all items that include the school or Pitt branding and logos must be reviewed and approved by the Communications Group via Rhea Bowman.

School of Pharmacy Materials

These files are being added in the order of creation. We will be re-organizing the page to help you find things as more gets added.

PowerPoint Templates: For Speakers at Meetings

Download the Templates

Editable Flyers for Speakers and Events

These are PowerPoint files where you can edit the text areas, but you must leave the boxes where they are and the colors that they are.

Download the Flyer Templates

Poster Template for Scientific Meetings

This is the official Pitt Pharmacy template for all scientific posters. You need to complete the requisition as well as the poster template for printing. Both are in the download. The header colors may not be changed.

Download the Poster Template and Requisition

PittPharmacy Letterhead

This download contains a Word file (.docx) and an instruction sheet for setting up the file as a template.

Download the Letterhead and instructions

Pitt Shield with Pitt Pharmacy Text

The new shield with a Pitt Pharmacy subhead is available in different colors as well as with the subhead on the right side or underneath. The download is a zipped file that includes the various color combinations as .jpeg files. If you need a PDF, EPS, or a different format, or need the files as CMYK for professional printing, contact Matt Mraz directly.

PDK RGB Shield Rule Pharmacy 3color logo

Blue and Gold shield with Pharmacy under the shield

Download: School of Pharmacy Underneath Shield

PDK RGB Shield Rule Pharmacy 3color logo

Blue and Gold shield with Pharmacy to the right

Download: School of Pharmacy Next to Shield

Pitt Branding Website and Resources

The Pitt Branding website contains reference materials and tools to assist you in this transition and is available for everyone’s use. Most valuable to you may be the Resources and Downloads tab

Pitt’s Branding site

Pitt Writing Style

Following the Pitt style guide is an essential part of working within the Pitt brand. The style guide is a downloadable PDF found on the Pitt branding site.

Visit the Style Guide

Licensing and Merchandising

Visit the Licensing and Merchandising site for more information including additional guidance on internal use, Script Pitt logo use, as well as guides for Student Organizations and Pitt Club Sports.

View the Licensing and Merchandising site

Guidelines for Using Pitt Script

Guidelines around using the Pitt Script have changed quite a bit. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines before you use Pitt Script.

Pitt Script Guidelines