Albert J. Bauer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established by Elizabeth R. Bauer, sister of Albert J. Bauer, Jr., a 1943 graduate of the School of Pharmacy. Annual scholarships will be awarded to P-2, P-3 and P-4 students who have a grade point average of 3.0 or better, have demonstrated a financial need, and reside in Butler City, Butler Township or Butler County.


School of Pharmacy Alumni Society Board Scholarship The Scholarship was established in March of 1998 by contributions from members of the Pharmacy Alumni Society Board. Annual scholarships will be given to deserving students in the School of Pharmacy and to a P4 student registered for an international rotation.


Ardella V. Sidehammer and Charles J. Sidehammer Scholarship This scholarship was established by Mrs. Ardella V. Sidehammer to provide annual scholarships to P-4 students on the basis of academic performance and financial need.


H. Beal Prize Fund This scholarship, set up in honor of the outstanding authority of his time on pharmaceutical jurisprudence, is awarded annually to the graduating student who attains the highest general average and will be attending a graduate program at Pitt’s School of Pharmacy. In so honoring the late Dr. Beal there is a keen recognition of one of pharmacy’s most commanding figures. As a pharmacist, educator, lawyer, editor, president of various organizations, and first recipient of the highest award pharmacy can bestow – The Remington Medal – James H. Beal was influential in the progress of pharmacy throughout his lifetime.


The Cameron and Company, Inc. Pharmacy Scholarship was established by a gift from alumni Ronald G. Cameron in November of 2001. Ron Cameron is CEO of Cameron and Company, provider of AdherenceCameron® the medication adherence program, The Pharmacists’ Registry® (the first pharmacists’ registry in the USA), supplier of temporary pharmacy staffing to chains, hospitals, and other pharmacies from Florida to Hawaii and TeleCameron ® a virtual pharmacist solution; TeleCameron® offers an online connection to a qualified pharmacist, whenever you need one, 24/7.  Today, virtually every major drug chain uses Cameron and Company, Inc.®, as well as hospitals, universities, clinics, mail-order houses, and such varied venues as prisons, Indian reservations and warehouses. In fact, virtually anywhere medications are furnished, Cameron and Company, Inc.® has been there, filling the need for temporary help.

The Cameron and Company, Inc. Pharmacy Scholarship  provides assistance for students  who are in their last two years of the School of Pharmacy’s Pharm D Curriculum and who have financial need.  First preference shall be given to students who are permanent residents of Westmorland County, Pennsylvania.


Darbaker Scholarships These scholarships, intended for tuition, were established under the will of the late Leasure Kline Darbaker, Pharmacy ’06, former professor of pharmacognosy and bacteriology in the School of Pharmacy. They are administered by the Darbaker Scholarship Committee and are available to full-time students in the School of Pharmacy. Applicants should show promise of becoming leaders in one or more areas of the field of pharmacy and also provide evidence that without financial assistance, they would be obligated to curtail their progress toward graduation or appreciably lower the academic level to which they can aspire. Recipients of the scholarship will remain eligible and may apply for reappointment.


Reuben Helfant Pharmaceutical Scholarship This scholarship has been established by contributions from the Thrift Drug Company and Mrs. Reuben Helfant, in memory of Reuben Helfant, Pharmacy ’23. Mr. Helfant was Co-Founder and President of Thrift Drug Company that was based in Pittsburgh. He devoted his life to the Pharmacy profession. At the time of his death in 1968, Thrift Drug consisted of 167 regional community pharmacies. Each year this scholarship is awarded to a P-3 or P-4 student, from the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area, on the basis of academic performance and need.


Philip Hoffman Memorial Scholarship The late Philip Hoffman was one of the founders and Chairman of the Board of the Thrift Drug Company. In his will, Mr. Hoffman provided for the establishment, by his wife, Gertrude N. Hoffman, of a scholarship to be presented to a worthy pharmacy student at the University of Pittsburgh.


Maurice Mervis Scholarship This scholarship, established by Mr. Maurice Mervis, Pharmacy ’40, Distinguished Alumnus, and former head of the State Board of Pharmacy, is given annually to a deserving P-3 or P-4 student who has demonstrated financial need, and whose academic grade point average in the School of Pharmacy is a 3.0 or better.


Daniel T. Mosse Memorial Scholarship This award, in memory of Daniel T. Mosse, Pharmacy’38, has been established by Mrs. Daniel T. Mosse and the Mosse children to be given annually for tuition of a deserving recipient who meets the following qualifications: Pittsburgh native; preferably a P-3 student in need of financial assistance; preferably self-supporting; GPA of 3.0 or better; demonstrates promise of becoming a leader in one or more areas of the field of pharmacy. The recipient should demonstrate exemplary academic performance and personal strengths, as reflected in grades, and submit a short essay outlining his or her goals. At least one recommendation from a professor or employer is required.


The Robert C. Smith Scholarship for Minority Students in Pharmacy This scholarship was established by the late Robert C. Smith, of Cleveland, Ohio, a graduate of the Class of ’28. Each year it is awarded to minority students in the pre-professional and professional program who have expressed an interest in practicing in the inner city.


Scott Horton Memorial (Rite Aid) Scholarship The Rite Aid Company established this scholarship in the memory of Scott Horton, Pharmacy ’64. Awards are given annually to P-4 student(s). The award is based upon high scholastic achievement, as well as character, leadership, professional attitude and need.


Pennsylvania Chain Drug Endowment Fund for the School of Pharmacy These scholarships have been established by the Pennsylvania Chain Drug Stores and are granted to P-2, P-3 or P-4 pharmacy students who have satisfactory academic performance, an interest in community pharmacy as a career, a demonstration of management and/or leadership skills and are not receiving other scholarships from the School of Pharmacy.


The Klingensmith Scholarship This scholarship, established by the late J. Henry Klingensmith, Pharmacy ’25, provides financial assistance to deserving students in the School of Pharmacy who are of good character and have demonstrated scholastic aptitude.


Howard Semple Memorial Scholarship The late J. Howard Semple, Pharmacy ’35, established this scholarship to provide financial assistance to deserving students in the School of Pharmacy.


Frank Miller Coad Memorial Scholarship Established by the late Edna Miller in memory of her cousin Frank Miller Coad, Pharmacy ’19, this scholarship provides financial assistance to deserving students in the School of Pharmacy.


Louis Weinberger Endowed Fund This scholarship was established by David Weinberger in memory of his brother Louis Weinberger who graduated from the School of Pharmacy in 1934. Mr. Louis Weinberger owned the Whitacker Pharmacy, which he sold in 1967. Annual scholarships are given to P-3 and P-4 students on the basis of academic performance and need.


Phar-Mor Scholarship This scholarship, established by Phar-Mor Inc., is an annual scholarship to be given to a deserving P-3 or P-4 year student who has demonstrated a financial need and who intends to practice in a community setting upon graduation.


Evelyn and Milton Judd Scholarship This scholarship was established by their children, Warren, PHA ’65; Myra, EDU ’66; Norman, and Marlene, in memory of their parents. Milton Judd graduated in the Pharmacy Class of 1932. This annual award will be given to a P-4 student who has demonstrated involvement within the School of Pharmacy, has the potential to become an active alumnus, and has an interest in retail pharmacy with an emphasis on independent pharmacy.


Ronald S. Getz Memorial Scholarship   This scholarship was established by the friends of Ronald S. Getz, a graduate of the Class of 1962. An annual scholarship is given to a deserving P-3 or P-4 student(s) who is a resident of Blair County.


Louis Bischoff and Mary V. Bischoff Scholarship This scholarship was established by Jean M. Slack in memory of Louis Bischoff, PHA ‘09, and his daughter, Mary V. Bischoff, EDU ‘38. Annual scholarships are to be awarded to Pharmacy students who have demonstrated a financial need.


Don Bell Memorial Scholarship Mrs. Jean Bell and her children established this scholarship in honor of Don Bell. Mr. Bell was a member of the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy, and a long-time employee of Thrift Drug where he served as the company’s Vice President of Public and Professional Affairs. A scholarship is to be awarded to a deserving P-3 or P-4 student who has demonstrated exemplary academic performance, financial need, and who plans to practice in community pharmacy.


Howard W. Jeffreys Memorial Scholarship Annual scholarships will be given to students who are graduates of either Canon McMillon Senior High School or Chartiers-Houston High School, which are located in Washington County, PA. Second preference is given to students, who reside in Washington County, PA. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement and financial need.


Ralph R. Kartub “Mr. Ralph” Scholarship This scholarship was established by Marc Kartub, a graduate of the School of Medicine, in memory of his father Mr. Ralph R. Kartub, Pharmacy ’24, who was affectionately known as “Mr. Ralph,” a long time friend of the School. For many years he gave the invocation at the annual alumni dinner and many Allegheny County Pharmaceutical events. Annual scholarships will be given to P-3 and P-4 students who exemplify the integrity and character of Mr. Ralph. Students eligible must be highly regarded by one’s peers, have enthusiasm and commitment to the pharmacy profession, actively participate in professional activities, and have a need for financial assistance.


Jama Urbanski Key Memorial Scholarship On February 1, 1994, Jama Urbanski Key, Pharmacy ’91, passed away after a determined fight against cancer. She persevered through her illness, ever hopeful and optimistic. Her courage is inspiring and her story is an example of the strength of the human spirit. The endowment was established through the generosity of Giant Eagle Pharmacy and Ms. Key’s husband, Tim Key, and family. Ms Key was both a student intern, and eventual employee of Giant Eagle Pharmacy. The Fund provides assistance for students who have financial need and who, as Jama Urbanski Key did, are coping with extraordinary life circumstances, such as but not restricted to illness in oneself or family, loss of family income, or other family hardship. The School of Pharmacy shall select the deserving recipient(s).


William L. Blockstein Memorial Scholarship An annual scholarship will be given to a student who is enrolled in the P-3 or P-4 year of study. The scholarship is renewable such that a P-3 student who receives the scholarship shall be the first candidate considered for the scholarship the following year. Recipients shall be US citizens from the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia. Applicants are to be successful academically and involved in extra-curricular activities. Upon receipt of the scholarship, each student shall be given a biography of William Blockstein. In this way recipients will have an understanding of the significant contributions that Dr. Blockstein made to the Pharmacy professions, higher education, and the communities in which he resided and worked.


Carl and Virginia Stoehr Memorial Scholarship The scholarship was established by Dr. Gary Stoehr, Class of 1973, in memory of his parents. Carl Stoehr graduated from the School of Pharmacy in 1943 and practiced pharmacy in the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center System in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. An annual scholarship will be given to a deserving student in the School of Pharmacy who is active in one or more student organizations, with first preference given to a student who holds a leadership position.


Samuel L. Lefkowitz Scholarship This scholarship was established in memory of Samuel L. Lefkowitz, Pharmacy Class of 1925. An annual scholarship will be given to students in financial need studying in the field of Pharmacy.


The Bessie Black Kobrin Endowed Fund This endowment was established in February 2000, from the Estate of Paul R. Kobrin in memory of his mother, Bessie Black Kobrin, Class of 1928.


Frederick J. Blumenschein Scholarship Fred Bonchosky, a pharmacy graduate from the Class of 1974, established this scholarship in memory of his grandfather, Frederick Blumenschein. Dr. Blumenschein owned and operated the West End Drug Store in Uniontown, PA for three decades and taught at Pitt. He received the PH.G. Degree in 1902 and the PHAR.D. in 1904 from the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy (now the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy). The Blumenschein/Bonchosky family includes others who graduated from the School of Pharmacy and other schools within the University of Pittsburgh.


Stan Cohen Memorial Award In memory of Stan Cohen, PHA ’57, this award was established in 1999 by family, friends, and colleagues of the former faculty member and alumnus. This award honors Mr. Cohen’s life-long dedication to students and the pharmacy profession. Mr. Cohen was a successful and highly regarded teacher, mentor as a pharmacist and businessman. In addition, he was an avid supporter of the University of Pittsburgh and the athletic program. The Stan Cohen Memorial Award will be granted annually to a student who demonstrates a commitment to community pharmacy practice and to community pharmacy management.


John P. and Constance A. Curran Pharmacy Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Curran established this endowed scholarship fund in 1999. The John P. and Constance A. Curran Pharmacy Scholarship will be awarded annually to the student or students who are academically qualified and who demonstrate financial need, with first preference given to students from under-represented ethnic and minority groups. Dr. Curran, is an alumnus of the School of Pharmacy (MS’68, Ph.D’71). He received his BS in pharmacy from Fordham University and came to the University of Pittsburgh to study pharmaceutical economics—a graduate program at that time. He worked in community and hospital pharmacies and then went to work for Pfizer, Inc. (pharmaceutical company) where he finished his Ph.D. dissertation. He eventually became a Wall Street securities analyst specializing in pharmaceutical companies. In 1986, he formed Curran Capital Management, a hedge fund specializing in health care stocks. The Currans gift created the largest scholarship endowment in the School of Pharmacy’s history.


William W. Goode, Sr. Scholarship Established in 1996 by the family and friends of Mr. Goode, PHA ’29, this scholarship will be awarded to an African-American student in his or her fourth, fifth or sixth year of pharmacy school. The scholarship honors Mr. Goode’s life-long dedication to helping aspiring and hard-working students achieve their dreams of entering the pharmacy profession. Mr. goode worked two jobs to put himself through school and went on to own four pharmacies in Pittsburgh. Students from the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University and Howard University served internships at the Goode pharmacies.


Joseph Koslow Scholarship Joseph Koslow, PHA ’38, began his career in pharmacy when he joined Thrift Drug Company just weeks after it was founded in 1935. He attended the School of Pharmacy with assistance from Thrift Drug’s Co-Founder, Rueben Helfant, PHA ’23. Following service in World War II, Mr. Koslow joined Burroughs Wellcome. He then spent the next thirty years as a medical representative and trainer of medical representatives. This scholarship is awarded to upperclassmen that have character, enthusiasm, potential and commitment to the pharmacy profession and have academic accomplishments and financial need. Special consideration can be given to applicants who are coping with extraordinary life circumstances. Applicants must be Pennsylvania residents and first preference is given to those who reside in the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Past recipients of the scholarship may only reapply once.


These scholarships are specifically for School of Pharmacy students. If you have any questions please contact:

Marcia Borrelli

University of Pittsburgh

School of Pharmacy

1104 Salk Hall

Pittsburgh, PA 15261