Members of the Class of 2018,
On Thursday, I attended the State Board of Pharmacy Meeting, which had as its major purpose to expedite processing applications to take the NAPLEX and the MJPE.
I won’t go through the process that brought us to a wonderful conclusion. In short, we submitted our list of graduates yesterday to the state, whose employees in addition to NABP employees who are working this weekend on processing applications. The great news is that very soon students who have not yet received ATT numbers will be receiving their numbers due to facilitating actions on the part of NABP and the State Board. Thanks also goes to the energizing presence of the Commissioner for Professional Affairs and Licensing, Ian Harlow, who indicated that the state will pay any additional fees to NABP, which is assisting in processing applications.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!
Patricia D. Kroboth, PhD Dean, School of Pharmacy Dr. Gordon J. Vanscoy Distinguished Service Professor University of Pittsburgh (412) 624-2400
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