The mission of ASEM is to bring together students of the health professions in order to raise awareness and advocate for populations experiencing health disparities.
ASEM– the Allied Students for Equality in Medicine– is a newer, student-led organization composed of health professional students (pharmacy, medicine, nursing, dental, health and rehabilitation) looking to combat health disparities through interdisciplinary action. Five issues that ASEM hopes to address include (but are not limited to) LGBTQIA+ health, veteran’s health, addiction and recovery, homelessness and poverty, and incarceration and re-entry. We believe that as health professionals we have a duty to serve all individuals equally, especially these populations that have a history of being poorly treated and disregarded by healthcare workers. By recognizing disparities and bringing them to the attention of all health professions, ASEM hopes to shape the consciousness of the next generation of healthcare professionals and equip then with the awareness and passion to fight against health disparities. If you are interested in joining this organization, you can reach us at pittasem@gmail.com!