Haley Fribance

My name is Haley Fribance and I want to be your next APhA-ASP President-Elect. APhA has been on my radar since before starting college, so I was excited to finally be able to join last semester and am looking forward to the national conference in March. Within the organization, I had the chance to create an interactive poster for the diabetes expo as the P1 co-chair for Drug Disposal Tabling within Generation Rx. I have also helped plan multiple interprofessional events as a member of the Interprofessional Committee of APhA and Primary Care Progress (PCP@Pitt), with the most recent being Interprofessional Trivia Night. In addition to APhA, I am a member of LKS, SCCP, SSHP, and CPNP. Outside of school, I am a pharmacy intern at Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC and have had the opportunity to help adapt a new workflow schedule for technicians due to our recent upgrade to a USP 797 compounding pharmacy and the IV bag shortages caused by Hurricane Maria. I believe I am qualified for this position because I am a hardworking person, extremely organized and very passionate about this organization. I also have the unique advantage of having participated in multiple committees within APhA in my first semester of pharmacy school. As President-Elect, I would strive to increase member activity by encouraging involvement in all of the committees—with a special focus on the smaller ones.


Policy VP-Elect

Hailey Mook

I am currently a P1 from Erie, PA and I did my first two years of undergrad at Pitt before starting pharmacy school. I am Vice President of SNPhA and a class representative. I work at the University Pharmacy and at Giant Eagle. I have a strong interest in community pharmacy and policy.


International VP

Madeline Mitchell

Hi! My name is Madeline and I’m a P1. My hometown is Chagrin Falls, Ohio (near Cleveland) and I went to Pitt for undergrad too. I am running for the International Vice President; one of the main responsibilities for this position is to help other students apply for the student exchange program (SEP). I was accepted to participate in the SEP for the upcoming summer, so I am familiar with the process. I look forward to guiding others in their application process and helping them in their travel planning. I look forward to expanding the cultural awareness of others through this position as well. I grew up with a strong cultural identity as a Greek-American and I hope to extend the cultural awareness of others in this role. Additionally, I can draw upon my experiences abroad this summer to help identify and raise awareness about global health needs. I would love to combine my passions of cultural exploration and pharmacy and serve as your APhA-ASP International VP. Thank you!

Thai Q Nguyen

I want to run for this position because coming from another country, I find that the profession of pharmacy can be drastically different internationally. I am genuinely interested in looking into these differences and develop the profession where I might see a gap. I also see the importance of global health initiatives in bettering health outcome for patients internationally. This is why I have also applied into Global Health ARCO. Relating to that, my background is that I am from Vietnam and recently I traveled back to assist in dispensing medication to a population of patient in a remote location. At the school, I am currently assisting Dr. Berenbrok and Dr.Carroll with a researching on expanding the role of the pharmacy technician.

Anu Patel

In the past, I was a Girl Scout Ambassador. At Pitt undergrad, I was involved in the Academic Resource Center as a Chemistry Peer Tutor. Currently, I am Global Chair of the IPSF committee, and I am also a Brother of Kappa Psi. I am interested in public health policy with the goal of improving population health.

Interprofessional VP

Nicole Farah

“I am Nicole Farah, a P2, running for Interprofessional VP.  Interprofessionalism is becoming crucial in healthcare, and I believe it is important for us to gain respect and appreciation for the expertise of other health professions. Since P1 year I have worked closely with Erika, the current VP, and with the interprofessional organization PCP@Pitt. I have helped coordinate the semesterly interprofessional case conferences and our annual health simulation. Most recently, I organized the first-ever Interprofessional Trivia Night, which was incredibly successful with over 80 people in attendance representing  7 health professions. I am excited to bring my passion to the position and to raise more awareness about interprofessional intiatives.”

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