Social Chair

Brandon Bodnar

As social chair, he is responsible for coordinating events among our fraternity and other groups in the School of Pharmacy. He also create social events that raised money for our philanthropy, St Jude Children’s Hospital.

Academic Chair

Anthony Menard

As Academic Chair, he helps to create the academic committee of PDC, which has helped to designate students who have excelled in different subject areas, that are willing to help their fellows brothers succeed as well. Along with helping the Worthy Correspondent compile the reports, he believes the creation of the academic committee will further PDC’s academic success and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.

Fundraising Chair

Matthew Roth

It is the fundraising chair’s responsibility to create and implement opportunities to fundraise for our fraternity and also for St Jude.  Last year, we did many fundraisers including St Jude Walk, Merante’s Subs, and other events.  He will be working to increase the number of events that we do to serve St Jude in the coming year.

Service Chair

Benjamin Dressman

As the service chair, he is responsible for organizing service events for the fraternity to participate in working towards our professional goals.

Professional Chair

Caleb Schork

The professional chair is responsible for organizing events that work towards the professional advancement of the brothers.  These events are typically related to pharmacy or health care.  Past events have included speakers from SSHP’s Men’s Health Project, faculty members presenting on their areas of interest, and presentations from St Jude representatives.

Recruitment Chair

Ian Montelius

As recruitment chair, he is responsible for organizing the recruitment process for our fraternity. He also has to coordinate between the LKS and Kappa Psi to ensure that there are no conflicts with our events.  One goal that he has for this year is to boost interest and transparency in our recruiting and pledging process.

Public Relations Chair

Jessica Richie

This is the forth year that we have had a PR chair and her responsibilities are slowly developing into what serves the fraternity the best.  She has been putting a focus social media and publishing some of the great things we do onto the Instagram as well as Porxtal for everybody in the school to see.  She will be expanding on the ways that we publish our philanthropic and community projects as well.

Dean’s Theme Chair

Nathaniel Ventresca

This year we introduced a Dean’s Theme Chair to work with other organizations in the school on the Dean’s Theme project. This year the theme is Operation Diabetes and the chair will be helping organize events to involve PDC in the school wide project.

Formal Chair

Jarod Crowell

The formal chair corresponds with the LKS formal chair to plan our annual formal event at a local Pittsburgh venue.

Achievement Awards Program Chair

Joe Jabeir

The Achievement Awards Program (AAP) Chair assists the Worthy Correspondent in completing the monthly and annual reports.

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