PittForm/Qualtrics Data Entry

PittForm Reporting

Students are able to create reports of their Pitt Form data at any time through the reporting database. The reporting database is separate from the Qualtrics Pitt Form survey tool itself, but every day the reporting database is updated.

After entering your Pittforms, wait until after 10AM the next school day before generating a report to make sure that all the forms you entered will show up on the summary report.


PittForm Reporting Database for P3, and P4 students

PittForm Reporting Database for P2 students

Login to the PittForm Reporting tool is by your Pitt username and password. To create a report, simply choose a start and end date. The report will show counts for all Pittforms with encounter dates within that date range.


The data gathered via the PittForm has been used as part of the following scholarship:

  • Hall DL, Schonder KS, Pater KS, et al. Using the Pharmacist Interaction Tracking Tool for Capturing Student-Patient Interactions in Direct and Simulated Patient Care Activities. Am J Pharm Educ. 2016;80(6):105.