Worthy Chief Counselor

Tommy Szeltner

The Worthy Chief Counselor (WCC) acts as the president of the organization.  He is charge of running meetings in collaboration with the other worthy board members.  He oversees the work being done and help the other leaders when he can.  He speaks regularly with the faculty about the organization and our work and approves projects and fundraisers that the fraternity is working on.

Tommy Szeltner

Worthy Vice Counselor

Max Prokopovich

The Worthy Vice Counselor (WVC) acts as the vice president of the organization.  His job is to assist the WCC in running the organization as well as acting as the head of all of the chairs. He plans on making regular one-on-one meetings with the chairs to track their progress and mentor them in their work.   
Max Pro

Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals

Alex Miller

The Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals (WKRS) acts as the secretary for the organization.  His responsibilities include tracking meeting minutes, keeping a calendar of events, brother hours, and working with the other brothers on planning events.  


Worthy Keeper of Finance

Eric LeCato

The Worthy Keeper of Finance (WKF) acts as the treasurer of the fraternity.  He is in charge of managing the dues for each semester, keeping a record of the fraternity’s finances, and reimbursing members for expenses. 

Worthy Correspondent

Seth Stahl

The Worthy Correspondent (WC) communicates Mu chapter activities and current financials with the national office of Phi Delta Chi on a monthly basis. The WC accomplishes this by completing chapter reports issued by the national office to ensure the chapter is complying with the current Phi Delta Chi standards of membership. 


Worthy Prelate

Ray Vellky

The Worthy Prelate (WP) acts as the historian for the fraternity.  He is responsible for keeping a scrapbook of brotherhood events to project our public image to the public and nationals.  He also works towards creating new brotherhood events for the fraternity.

Worthy Alumni Liaison

Dave Nesmith

The Worthy Alumni Liaison (WAL) is responsible for coordinating events and communicating with Mu chapter alumni.  He is also responsible for keeping the alumni up to date with what is going on with the active members.  

Worthy Master at Arms

Sawyer Bressler

The Worthy Master at Arms (WMA) acts as the pledge master for the fraternity. His responsibilities include teaching the new members the history and traditions of PDC both nationally and at our chapter.  He is also responsible for facilitating big/little brother bonding. 

Worthy Inner Guard

Caleb Lynch

The Worthy Inner Guard (WIG) assists the WMA with the duties and responsibilities of the pledging process.  He has the same responsibilities as the WMA and his involvement varies at the WMA’s discretion.