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I hope everyone is having productive spring semester!!
Our PiTT-AAPS student chapter is very excited to announce two great events this month. We have invited two highly accomplished scientists from the pharmaceutical industry and we cordially invite you to participate in these events.

1. WHO: Binodh DeSilva, PhD (from Bristol-Myers Squibb)
WHAT: “What am I doing with a Science Degree”
WHEN: March 23rd ,2017 from 2-3pm
WHERE: Salk Hall 524
Dr. DeSilva is the current president of AAPS and Vice President, of Analytical, and Bioanalytical Operations at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) in NJ. She has over fifteen years of research experience in the pharmaceutical industry and joined BMS in November of 2010. Dr. DeSilva leads the Analytical and Bioanalytical analysis groups in the regulated environment, the regulated documentation group, microbiology laboratories and the industrial hygiene labs. She is responsible for managing a large portfolio of small and large molecule assets and coaching, mentoring, and guiding scientists.
Dr.DeSilva will share her personal experience, journey and philosophy as a scientist.

2. WHO: Joseph Polli, PhD (from GlaxoSmithKline)
A two day event is scheduled for Dr. Polli’s visit
a. Journal club
WHAT: “Why efflux transporter DDI’s are unlikely at the BBB”
WHEN: March 27th ,2017 from 10am-12pm
WHERE: Salk Hall 524
TREATS & COFFEE WILL BE PROVIDED – For this particular event, please RSVP to yax15@pitt.edu<mailto:yax15@pitt.edu> due to limited seating.
b. Seminar
WHAT: “The role of transporters in Lapatinib CNS and tumor”
WHEN: March 28th ,2017 from 12-1 pm
WHERE: Salk Hall 456
Dr. Polli has over twenty-five years of research experience in the pharmaceutical industry supporting drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) in drug discovery and development; emphasis on drug disposition (transport and metabolism) properties, in particular on central nervous system penetration, gastrointestinal drug absorption, liver disposition and drug-drug interactions.

Please see the attached flyers for additional details.
I would highly encourage fellow graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to attend these events. This will be a great chance to network and interact with the speakers. Most of us have always wished to meet and greet speakers from the INDUSTRY considering future goals of some of us, this is an excellent opportunity.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you.

PiTT-AAPS student chapter
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