April 20, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
456 Salk Hall

As part of Allegheny County’s APPRISE Community Health Education Outreach Program, our P1 students will beholding a special multi-topic health care symposium on Thursday April 20th.  Details about the presentation are as follows:


1st Hour (1pm -2pm): Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular Disease – Practical and effective (cost effective) steps for prevention or to reduce the impact of these conditions with seniors.

2nd Hour (2pm-3pm): Developing an efficient and effective counseling protocol for assisting clients with Medicare and Medicaid issues. The development and utilization of new technologies and case management techniques that have improved (and will further improve) our program’s client counseling process, making the path easier to a successful outcome.

3rd Hour (3pm-4pm): The Birmingham Project – Assisting patients in accessing available health care benefits.  On several days each week, counselors from the Allegheny County APPRISE Program are available at the Southside’s Birmingham health clinic to assist their patients in understanding and accessing the various health care benefits for which they may be eligible (and help them complete the enrollment process).  We will look at the characteristics and development of this program, and how it anticipates expanding in the future to reach even larger numbers of needy individuals and provide them with assistance in accessing health care as well as other essential social service benefits.


Room 456 Salk Hall


Thursday, April 20th, 1pm – 4pm


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